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One to One Sessions: Receive Guidance from Higher Dimensional Beings

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In this exclusive, one-on-one video session, Octavia will facilitate a connection with a higher entity from another dimension, offering you a unique opportunity to receive guidance and clarity about your life. Through direct (trance) channeling, Octavia accesses altered state of consciousness, like the theta and gamma state to establish communication with an enlightened being, allowing you to converse and receive guidance from them.

Participants will be provided with a preparatory tool prior to the session, and will receive a written summary and a recording of the session afterward.

Who are the beings Octavia Channels?

The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective

The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective consists of 26 light beings dedicated to supporting humanity during this pivotal era. They serve as conduits to the Healing Energy of the Central Sun, linking those they assist with this powerful, restorative frequency. Their primary mission is to help humanity transition to what they refer to as "The New Earth"—a new timeline promising renewal and advancement. These benevolent entities offer guidance and support as we navigate this transformative journey.

The High Council of the Ascended Masters

The High Council of the Ascended Masters is a venerable group of enlightened beings who have transcended earthly limitations to achieve spiritual mastery and illumination. This council includes legendary figures such as Mary Magdalene, Thoth, Saint Germain, Quan Yin, and Merlin. Their collective wisdom and profound spiritual insights are aimed at guiding humanity towards spiritual awakening and evolutionary growth. The council's mission is to offer guidance, healing, and knowledge to assist individuals in achieving personal and collective ascension, helping align them with their highest potential. The Ascended Masters provide powerful activations of the "Prime Creator" codes within our DNA.


The Lyran Light Beings resemble the energies of Earth's felines, yet they operate at a much higher level of consciousness. Their teachings focus on living intentionally with true joy, mastering your mind, and manifesting your desires. They guide individuals in developing sharp discernment to clearly identify personal blockages and provide effective strategies for overcoming these obstacles. The Lyran Light Beings' wisdom emphasizes self-awareness and the power of intentional action, equipping people with the tools to navigate their lives with clarity and purpose.

The Rising Dragons of the Pleiades

The Rising Dragons of the Pleiades is a powerful cosmic group originating from the Pleiades star cluster, known for embodying the transformative and dynamic energy of dragons. These celestial beings are revered for their powerful spiritual presence and their role in catalyzing change and growth. They work with energies that can initiate deep healing, spiritual awakening, and empowerment, offering guidance to those on a path of self-discovery and development. The Rising Dragons of the Pleiades focus on helping individuals harness their inner strength and potential, inspiring courage and resilience in the face of challenges. Their teachings emphasize mastery over one's life force and the alchemical transformation that leads to higher states of consciousness.

The Praying Mantis Collective

The Praying Mantis Collective is a transcendent cosmic group embodying the wisdom and grace of the praying mantis insect. Hailing from realms beyond our own, these enlightened beings are revered for their profound spiritual insight and their role as guardians of balance and harmony in the universe. With their delicate yet powerful presence, they offer guidance and support to those seeking clarity, healing, and spiritual evolution. The Praying Mantis Collective teaches the importance of stillness, introspection, and alignment with universal principles, guiding individuals towards mastering their own real potential. They love to offer guidance upon twin flame relationships, and to support individuals to discover who their twin flame is.

Blue Avians

The Blue Avians are wise cosmic beings from the 12th dimension, resonating with energy akin to that of the Ascended Masters but serving a distinct purpose as guardians of time's passages. Often referred to as "the time lords," these entities play a crucial role in guiding humanity on how to transcend the limitations of their thinking, thereby enriching their life experiences. The Blue Avians offer advanced guidance for those aspiring to reclaim their mastery, imparting wisdom on time traveling and the transcendence of time and space. Their teachings are designed to empower individuals to navigate and understand the more profound, multidimensional aspects of existence.

The Sirian Archangels of Light

The Sirian Archangels of Light are celestial beings from the star system Sirius, known for their profound connection to the blue healing codes of Sirius. These archangels assist individuals in reactivating the inherent blue codes within their genetics, which are believed to enhance healing and spiritual development. By working with these specific energetic signatures, the Sirian Archangels of Light help facilitate deep transformations, enabling people to align more closely with their highest selves and advance on their spiritual paths. Their guidance and support are invaluable for those seeking to heal the waters of the planet and to enhance the energy of Mother Earth. The sounds of dolphins and whales sometimes accompany the Archangels. If you wish to know more about the Blue Healing Light, check the lick here: https://octaviavasile.com/the-blue-sphere/


Merlin is a legendary figure often depicted as the archetypal wizard from Arthurian legends, known for his profound wisdom, mystical powers, and deep understanding of both natural and supernatural forces. Throughout various tales and historical myths, Merlin serves as King Arthur's advisor, using his magical skills to influence many of the key events in Arthur's reign. Characterized by his enigmatic personality and a deep connection to the mystical realms, Merlin's teachings often involve themes of alchemy, prophecy, and the utilization of magic for greater purposes. He is revered not just as a magician, but as a sage who provides guidance in navigating the complex interplay of fate, magic, and power.