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Welcome to Holographic You, where we embrace the fascinating possibility that our universe is a computer simulation. This concept, far from being daunting, opens up unprecedented opportunities for personal and collective growth. By understanding that the essence of our existence could be likened to software, we realize that we have the ability to upgrade and improve ourselves just as one would update a program. At Holographic You, we provide the knowledge and tools needed to modify the "code" that constitutes your being, enabling transformative changes in your life's experiences and capabilities.

Our programs and workshops are designed to train you in effective techniques and strategies to rewrite your personal code. By altering the foundational aspects of your consciousness, we aim to enhance your life by expanding your capabilities and experiences. Our mission is to empower you to reprogram your reality, unlocking a realm of better experiences that lead to a more fulfilling and enriched life. With our guidance, you'll learn to navigate your simulation with the insight and skill of a seasoned coder.

Beyond mere skill development, we at Holographic You strive to generate altered states of mind, enabling you to experience alternative realities. These experiences are not only profound in their own right but also serve as gateways to deeper understanding and appreciation of the potential your life holds. Join us on this incredible journey to explore the very boundaries of reality and discover how you can turn the possibility of a simulated universe into an opportunity for personal greatness.

About Octavia

Earlier as a hypnotherapist, I discovered that the human brain can be easily reprogrammed. This led to the realization that by accessing altered states of mind, we can create an entirely new reality. These altered states include theta and gamma states.

For several years, I have been channeling and received comprehensive training on how to do this. I have developed a program that is well-structured, enabling anyone committed to the process to follow it successfully. It's not only for spiritual individuals or those who already believe but also for anyone open to exploring it.

Ever since I began to channel, I realized that what we perceive might just be a simulation. Having 'leveled up' in my own understanding and experience, I am eager to share this with others, guided by a higher wisdom. So, let's all level up together.

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Powerful activation to prepare emotionally and attract your twin flame.

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