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Light Body Activation

This is the most amazing program we ever offered, and it is so because it is all offered from the highest energy portals on the planet. I am so happy to have the possibility this year to organize it in this way. Announcement: Light Body Activation - Pranic Process

!! Includes transmissions from Mount Shasta (California, U.S.A.) Avebury (Wiltshire), and Glastonbury (UK). It includes a video from crop circle spot in Wiltshire, UK.🌻🌎🌞

Join us for a 17-day journey with the Light Body Activation - Pranic Process, offered by HolographicYou, beginning on June 11th.
This profound experience draws upon the wisdom of the Ascended Masters to activate the crystalline codes within human DNA, steering participants towards profound spiritual growth and greater freedom in food consumption choices.

Event Details:

Dates: June 11th to June 27th
Location: Offline classes, with three live online sessions
Price: Donation Based

Program Offerings:

Guidance and Channeling:

Recorded messages from Mount Shasta, channeling the Lemurian beings of Telos.
Live transmissions from Avebury on the Summer Solstice, exploring living on Light and portal energies.
A special session from Glastonbury, channeling Ascended Master Mary Magdalene for the final Light Body activation.
Meditation and Activation:

Daily one-hour Gamma state meditation
Guided energizing meditations to harness and nourish with prana.
Techniques for quieting the mind and achieving deeper meditation states.
Kundalini activations, breath work, and qi gong exercises.
Dietary Guidance and Support:

Channeled nutritional advice for a 21-day pranic food regimen including smoothies, vegan/raw dishes, and liquid diets like juices.
Interactive Elements:

Three live Q&A sessions for direct interaction and support.
Personal insights and experiences shared by Octavia, with 11 years at Pranic Festivals and initiations.
Requirements for Participation:

Commitment to a 21-day diet of pranic food.
Dedication to daily meditation practices.

This is not just an educational event but a supportive journey, enhanced by the divine energies and teachings channeled through the High Council of the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation of Light which aims to change your life completely.
Included in the Membership:
Included in our spiritual tour at Avebury that takes place this year